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Ease of Use: The Dental System has been developed as an extension of the logical office routines that Dental Practices are accustomed to using. The terminology, accounting, and internal controls make the system easy to use, increase staff productivity and morale, and help users to grow their practices.

Unlike the software of many competitors, once entries have been processed, they cannot simply be removed or deleted. This significantly reduces the likelihood of fraud or manipulation of the accounting records. The Dental System produces a complete, meaningful audit trail, and follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Ease of Installation: Most offices are ready to go “on line” within days of system delivery. The transition from a manual or another computer system is accomplished without disruption to normal office routines.

Enhancements and Updates: Periodic updates are issued which provide revised fee schedules, and software changes to respond to user requests and required procedural requirements.

Cost Effectiveness: Your investment in Dialog’s dental software, in conjunction with using quality hardware, will immediately pay for itself in a number of ways. This includes enhanced financial control, increased recalls, improved patient relations and communication, effective scheduling and resource allocation, and certainly increased staff productivity, efficiency and morale.

Training included: Dialog is very confident that The Dental System is simple to use, completely user friendly, reliable, and with a secure database. Training is included in both the software and software / hardware packages. Our trainers are THE BEST!! They will be there to support you through any transition.

Support: Dialog has a permanent establishment staffed by experienced professionals who are able to assist you with your hardware and software needs. Reasonably priced service contracts are available.

CDAnet: The Dental System is fully CDAnet compatible.

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